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Common Volleyball Shoulder Injuries and Treatments

Volleyball is considered an overhead activity. Serving, spiking, setting, and blocking all involve reaching or swinging the arms, sometimes violently. Injuries can be traumatic or cumulative. Traumatic ones involve a sudden force or impact to the shoulder or arm and include rotator cuff tears, dislocations, subluxations (partial dislocations ...

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The most common cause of shoulder pain in volleyball players is overuse of the rotator cuff, which is understandable given the typical volleyball hitter/server hits the ball thousands of times in a typical season. Shoulder pain also may be due to a variety of other pathologies such as tearing of the inferior glenohumeral ligament or the labrum.

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Common shoulder injuries in volleyball players include rotator cuff tendinosis, musculotendinous strain, and glenohumeral subluxation/dislocation . Javelin. In javelin, the initial phase of movement involves an approach run to generate momentum before the throw. This initial phase is paramount to success as the throw.

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Therapy will focus on strengthening muscles surrounding the shoulder, including the muscles forming the rotator cuff. In extreme instances of instability (repetitive shoulder dislocations), surgery may be indicated. Tip: Make sure strengthening exercises include overhead strengthening, as overhead movements are common in volleyball players. Examples include overhead body blade exercises, overhead ball taps on wall, and overhead wall walks with theraband.

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Finger injuries are very common in volleyball as fingers and hands take a lot of force during blocking, setting and digging. This can leave the fingers bruised or swollen, or with more painful injuries such as joint sprains, fractures, dislocations and injury to the ligaments. For most finger injuries your doctor will request X-rays to evaluate ...

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Volleyball Injuries. UR Medicine is a proud participant in the Stop Sports Injury Campaign. To help keep kids in the game for life, STOP (Sports Trauma and Overuse Prevention) targets the sports that have the highest rates of overuse and trauma injuries.

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Although volleyball accounts for just a small percentage of all organized sports injuries, participation in the sport is on the rise, and with that comes more potential for injury. Because volleyball players repeatedly use their shoulders for spiking and blocking, overuse injuries of the shoulder are common.

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The injuries are usually treatable with stretching, strengthening, and anti-inflammatory medication with full return to sports expected. Careful differentiation between inflammation and tearing of the rotator cuff is mandatory. If the cuff is torn, early arthroscopic or open repair is often helpful.

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